Sea Turtle Introduction

On Wednesday, January 6th I will be traveling to Costa Rica to commence a weeklong drone mapping research project.

My drone company, SkyLink Productions, has partnered with the nonprofit Seeds of Change and will be working with international researchers to conduct experiments on the usage of drones in sea turtle conservation/research.

During the nesting season, female turtles swim to the shoreline to lay their legs.  The female turtle will lay her eggs and return to the ocean over the course of a few hours.  Throughout this season, research scientists traverse the beaches looking for these female turtles so that they can document and equip them with GPS tracking devices.  


My proposal and the goal of this project is to test how well drones can autonomously survey the beaches and properly identify nesting turtles.  Currently, a team of a dozen scientists can cover one mile of beaches throughout the entire nesting season.  Using autonomous drones and mapping software, I believe one person will have the ability to cover dozens of miles of coastline.

Below are some pictures of what the turtle tracks I will be searching for look like, as well as a few pictures of some of the drones I will be flying.  Throughout the project I intend on posting various updates along with pictures and videos.  Thanks for reading.